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Week Transformation Programme


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    What a journey it has been. I’ve always been a massive yo yo dietier in the past. Starving myself to loose weight then putting it all back on. This plan has taught me to understand food and the importance of eating the correct food. Ste has been an amazing mentour and being part of a community has helped so much on the days you want to give up.

    Chelsea BennettFacebook

    Thankyou Ste for teaching me so much and for all your support over the past 12 weeks. I would highly recommend you and your fantastic program. It is tough and I have been poorly the last couple of weeks but I’m coming away from this program 1 stone lighter, full of knowledge and with a better relationship with food. You have been great support throughout and also with the Facebook group and WhatsApp group you never feel like your doing it alone!
    Fantastic experience!

    Lou BentleyFacebook

    When I started working with Ste in October I was 23 stone and feeling low in confidence, tired all the time, had sleep apnea and soriasis on my skin all over. initially Ste helped me with workouts and then when I joined JDU 12 weeks ago, and learnt how to diet properly alongside some amazing home workouts my progress really took off. I have been shocking myself every week since, I work long shifts including nights, yet this programme has taught me how to diet and food prep to fit in with my lifestyle.

    Simons KutmFacebook

    The 12-week plan with JDU Fitness not only gave me the ability to lose weight and stay on track - It also provided a new mindset and outlook with food. The plan was very easy to follow and very straight forward. I never once thought I'd find the time to work out every day with three kids but Ste gave me the positive mindset and 'can do' attitude to just get it done - there really is no excuses!! The daily training programme has now become part of my routine and having the weekly check in gives you the accountability to not give up and go off plan.

    Helen GillisFacebook

    At first I was skeptical, you see these 12 week fat loss pictures and just think they must have gone through hell to get those results. But the way ste Duffy has designed the weight loss plan and with the help from his weight loss community, it was easy. I smashed all my personnel goals and my fitness has never been this good. The course is a learning process, it teaches you the consequences of your actions, and that there is always a better way to live whilst still enjoying the food that you like. 100% couldn't recommend this course enough!

    Matthew SnowleyFacebook

    What an amazing program. Ste is so supportive and has taught me so much. The change in mindset and the confidence that I have built since joining this group has been amazing!

    Steph Louise WaltonFacebook

    Since starting with JDU Fitness Iv lost a stone in 25 days and not even starved myself... easiest weight cut Iv done probably at the moment. I started at 95 kg to get down to 80 for my fight.. thought ffs gonna take me ages this, 4 week in I’m sitting around 87kg and I’m not fighting for another 6 week...

    Alex WilsonFacebook